American Patriot Black Activists Introduces To Congress -

US House of Representatives

and State Legislatures


The Rev-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM Act 2011 (a bill)

Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15,1929 – April 4,1968

National Birthday Signed November 2, 1983, Celebrated First time on January 20, 1986, 25 Year Anniversary

Why Introduce The MLK DREAM Act?

Los Angeles, In this season of celebrating the life of the late, Rev-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a national holiday, activists of the America's Black Shield, a grass roots entity based in Los Angeles will introduce what they consider the "super-weapon" against any and all forms of illegal immigration, especially Anchorism.  

The Dream Act H.R. 1275 has come and gone from Congress, but is sure to someday in a similar form return, but with greater intensity due to the growing illicit number (s) of Hispanic/Latino-Mexican population into the jurisdiction of the United States.

The so far failed Dream Act, as well as other La Raza inspired, Hispanic/Latino, illegal immigration amnesty antics such as, Anchorism (anchor babies so-called birth right citizenship) which is the theft of the 14th Amendment and the Martin Luther King, Jr. - Civil Rights Legacy has situated the United States in gravest of all its threats for existence.

In all its forms, illegal immigration threatens to unravel-destroy the very core fabric-foundation of the US Constitution, which if allowed to stand, America falls and its Dream become a global nightmare...from what Dr. King prophesied of the nation's "rude awakening"

Knowing that border transgressions are unjustified by all international laws, and citizen Patriots could suddenly rise to the threat, the La Raza movement is heavily relying on emotional imagery to sway the civilly sensitive American peoples to ignore the mandates of US Constitution and thereby allow the utter destruction of our nation.

It appears on every front of the illegal immigration civilian invasion, Americans are struck with the imagery of suffering children, hard working, but broken and separated families, simply seeking a better lifestyle, utilizing the idiom of the “American Dream” and even twisting the meaning of “I Have A Dream” doctrinaire by the late Rev-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

However, such a strategy is mortally flawed in that the American Dream is specifically for citizens of the United States, not illegal aliens; and Dr. Kings', “dream” is one "...deeply rooted in the American Dream”, and not Hispanic/Latino-Mexican pride.

All forms of illegal immigration, regardless of its intended justification is actually rebellious to the Constitution and racist against American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen-Refugees-Freemen in that it impedes their pathway to citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens” according to the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, Section 1.

Also, Section 2 of the same Act for emancipated-freed slaves, refugees and freemen clearly that offense against Blacks is punishable by law, “And be it further enacted, That any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this acton account of such person having at any time been held in a condition of slavery or involuntary servitude…, or by reason of his color or race… shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished by fine…or imprisonment…

This Constitutional mandate does not apply to illegal aliens under no circumstances including "customs" such as Anchorism the twisted theft of the 14th Amendment. Hence, as a final deterrent of future illegal alien “Dream Acts” on the federal, state or local levels of government and societal interactions, America’s Black Shield introduces to the US Congress this coming week, the Rev-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., DREAM Act (a bill).

The Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM Act (a bill) is a Civil Rights Bill – Act that demands the immediate ENFORCEMENT of the 14th AMENDMENT and the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1866 as was/is originally intended, which will end all aspects of illegal immigration, including Anchorism.

For details, direct link and/or and/or www.TedHayes.US

Thank you and see you on Capitol Hill this week between Monday the 17th thru Thursday the 20th.


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