At Old Jerusalem Gate On The Way To Kotel, i.e, The Western or Wailing Wall



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Please view this trailer or preview of the documentary that I am making with Stand With US about my epic journey to Eretz Israel, the Promised Land, the heart and soul of the Middle East.

Also, see link about my first evening in Old City Jerusalem at the Western Wall, Wailing Western Wall or Kotel of The Holy Temple Mount of Zion the most sacred site in all of Judaism.

Here the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel, and of course King Solomon, who constructed the first Temple, affirmed that the two us, HaShem-The LORD GOD Almighty and I did/does indeed have business to do with Israel and throughout the world by granting me a spontaneous welcoming by some of HIS little children.

See Brief Video

The Welcoming

Also, the following link is to the Report of my visit to Jerusalem

Also, direct link to my business with Adonai, Ehohim, HASHEM at the Kotel

Also, the Blessing at Yad Veshem

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