Dear Campacinos' and Campaneros', Shalom!
School Mate. 
The Struggle Will End In Justice

With Us Unite To Fight For Your Civil and Human Rights in your own homelands


We American Black US citizens, the descendants of the Emancipated, freed Chattels Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen- Refugees, of exiled West Africans who were sold into the Transatlantic Slave Trade several hundred years past, duly empathize with your horrific plight from your home land and unlawful entrance into that which is ours.


For better or worse, and unlike your situation of having a homeland of "return" if need be and possessing citizenship of the same, the USA is the only country on earth that we the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Freemen posses as our own.  Please understand, through no fault of ours, we have no where else to go but the United States pf America.


We mean no offense, but if need be you can always go to your nativity even by walking, however, those of us who descendant of the Chattel Slaves and Freemen, can't possibly swim to Africa for obvious reasons.


Unlike you who understandably seek to benefit from our horrid, unwanted experience, the United States was founded and built upon "the back" of our enslaved situation, followed by oppressing econ-socio-civic-politico circumstances resulting from a hundred (100) years of racist legislation against us, dubbed "Jim Crow-ism", i.e. Black Codes or racial subjugation.


Consequently, we have been rewarded by GOD to serve this country as the moral "heart and soul", i.e. National Treasure that embodies the American Dream citizenship that lawful and illegal immigrants ignorantly seek to posses...not knowing the true meaning of it. 


A Special Peoples By The Edict of The US Government

Unlike all of other ethno-racial-nationalities-religions who are willing immigrants (legally/legally) into the United States, the Chattel Slave and Freedmen and their descendants are spoken of in the Constitution in such a way the America's destiny defends on the outcome of our fate.


This is why the country granted to us threee Amendments being the 13th, most notably 14th, followed by the 15th and Constitutional codified 1866 Civil Rights Act, the progenitor of the 14th and the national birth certificate of US citizenship for freed Chattel Slaves, Freedmen and the descendant children.


No other people in America are this essential for the survival of America.


WARNING: If We Die, You Will Die With Us

Therefore, we West African descendants are America, and America is us.  We are conjointly one. 


For your sake, we can't leave, nor be allowed by society to be pushed and die-out of the American Dream, because in the day that the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves are religated as inconsequentual to be eliminated from it, is "the great day in the morning" that this nation also dies

along with your own aspirations for being here.


As our great leader, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. says of our abiding relationship with America in that we have "...a dream.  A dream deeply rooted in the American Dream" and "for many of our white brothers...have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom." 

So you see, if we die, American White citizens will perish with us.  When American citizens go, your hopes will be dashed as well.  It is imperative for you as well as ourselves, that the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves live in the land of their own nativity, which is the United States of America.

Our struggle made it civil for you and so many others to live in the United States, freely.  Yet, while America is free to you for the apparent "taking-over" according the La Raza objective, the birth and nurturing of this, our beloved country, has cost us our dignity and very lives.


Remember, unlike you and other immigrants (lawful or unlawful) who come to the United States willingly, the West and Central African slaves did not, but rather our ancestors were exiled by our own kin, brought to America first by Spaniards, followed the English and Europe, in the shackles of chains and against our wills.


This is why we resist the US Government and those of Mexico - Mesoamerica along with the socialist communist, anarchist leaders or anyone who claim to represent your interest, but in actuality are using your sufferings of unlawful migration as living human "weapon" of mass destruction against the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and ideals of the "We the People of the United States of America".


We, as all US citizens will never surrender to invaders of our country, whether by a military, including our own, nor civilians from a foreign nation.


Nevertheless, should you become successful with illicit immigration practices, particularly the taking from us the 14th Amendment in name of Civil Rights and so called "birth-right citizenship", i.e., Anchorism, the descendants of the Chattel Slaves will meet our deaths, but followed by your own, because this is the Business the GOD has with the United States.


Therefore, we owe it to our ancestors et al and our Heavenly Father to resist this invasion of the United States and offer you alternatives to your deliverance from suffering in your countries.


We are eagerly willing to assist you to organize and execute a non-violent Civil and Human Rights Revolution by which you can liberate your own homeland from despotism and suppression.


Can we shake and/or hug on that?  Good!


All the Best of GOD to you, your, and your country.  Viva Mexico!  Viva Mesoamerica!



Thank you very much,


Ted Hayes

Civil Rights-Homelessness Activist


Shalom in Jerusalem - Blessed Bethlehem