LA Is The Capital of USA Homelessness, The "Ground O"
It is also dubbed as the Sanctuary City Capital of USA for Illegal Aliens - Hmmmmmm!
(British Broadcasting Company)
Interviews Ted and Two Others
Ted Hayes Tells 200,000, 000 People Worldwide
About The Nightmare Conditions of Black Men and Women,
Unnecessarily Entrapped In USA Homelessness 
Black, Descendants of Chattel Slaves-Jim Crow Survivors Are Only 11% of the General LA Population, 
But 95% of homeless In Downtown, Are Black Men,
followed Second By Black Women
Listen to the short clip at this link
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Please follow these instructions - 
Upon arrival to site, click onto WHYS Podcast, then scroll down on your left hand side,
and notice the list of international "Homelessness"
reports, including, London, Nairobi, Islamabad, and of course, LA's Skid Row.
"Patriots, Look, Listen, Learn, and Act NOW"
For 30 years, I have been advocating the National Homeless Plan (NHP)
If indeed you are interested in eradicating this seemingly racist, man-made tragedy, then visit....
At 2000 Democratic Convention In Downtown, LA
While pointing at covered homeless person, Ted challenged young protesting demonstrators against corporate greed to take on homelessness, which is the ultimate statement of Wall Street, capitalist greed, as self-evident, saying, "Here lies the corpus delicti - (body of evidence) that has befallen upon you and your future. Therefore act NOW.  Of coarse they didn't!


"Whose streets? Homeless Streets!"
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