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New Frontier II: Operation Humanity

Theme: Community-Neighborhood Civility and Care (CNCC)

See The Human Bubble



[Contact: 424-248-4219 or Ted@TedHayes.US]


This is a check list of the task that must be undertaken by well A organized, volunteer, body politic of individuals and appointed committees.  Please think about how your resources, talents and skills can best take one or two tasks, or even more.  * There is no payment...at least not at this time.

If there are other ways in which you can participate unlisted here, please feel free to present it.


Remember, we already have a plan.  It needs from your ideas on how to help implement it.


Thanks for enlisting and your participation.



Note: Social Media – “All eyes on LA”

When the steerign committee sends out the call for action, please alert your social media venues, outlets and channels to the directions that will be posted at the Dome Villlage web sight.  It is imperative there is a movement whereby all eyes in the USA and around the world are watching the procedures of going to this particular POTUS (President of the United States), to help ensure his compliance. 


Elected Government Officials

      Note: The entities below are to be "splashed" with the information

  • African-American Civil Rights such as: NAACP, National Urban League, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), National Action Network (NAN), etc.

  • City Councils

  • State Representatives

  • Governors

  • US Federal Reps, i.e. Congress - House and Senate

  • UN and other world bodies, such The Hague and other Internation Courts On Human Rights, including Human Watch groups like Amnesty International, etc.

  • The White House,i.e. the POTUS


Recruitment of Various Sectors of Society

 Note: Business and Corporate Interests

           Artist in all spheres, including audio-visual productions

           Celebrities, et al,


Research Federal Lands, such as military bases


Join Steering committee