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Re-Birthing Cricket Etiquette Objective II

The Birth, Nurturing, Functioning of Global Village Cricket Club Entities

Based On The Original Ole’ English Village Green Intents of the Game-Sport


More Than How To Play Cricket, Ted Teaches Why To Play Cricket


Based on his skills and record of social activism with Homelessness and Cricket, Ted Hayes is offering his expertise to help communities to develop similar entities like the Compton Cricket Club as well as the Dome Village For the Homeless.


Tracking the trek of the ever renown Compton Cricket Club-Homies & the POPz over the last 14 years, it is evident that the character, insights and abilities of Ted Hayes to inspire others to commit themselves as well to Good Will causes.


The Re-Birthing of Cricket Objective is being offered to your community whereby Ted Hayes with your participation, may be able to develop an entity similar to that which has be tried and proven to be successful in Compton-LA California, even in the long term.


In participation with Co-Founder and team manager, Ms. Katy Haber, and his two sons, Thee and Isaac, the rap artists as well as actual team players, the former being Captain, and the late Leo Magnus, Ted Hayes led the Compton Homies & the POPz on three tours to England, and one recently to Australia, also mention the first with the LA Krickets.


The experience of Ted Hayes brings to the world of Cricket a unique philosophy of applied etiquette and practical approach to rejuvenating the original intent of the Grand Ole’ English village green sport of a bat and ball game.


Fourteen years of slow, but continual cultivating work of maturing the young men who are now internationally known as the Compton Homies & the POPz, “America’s Cricket Team”, demonstrates that when properly taught and applied, the seed of Cricket will grow to have long term, life altering effects of positive empowerment on a willing devotee to the King and Chess of Sports.


Ted’s sensitivity for the most vulnerable peoples in society such as those who are homeless, and certain skills of conveying message to all ages, through his work with the CCC, he has constructed a Cricket etiquette philosophy and practice that has the potential of igniting waves of Good Will and civility throughout the nations of the world.


The Essential Philosophy

From the etiquettes of Cricket comes the Hayes philosophy of civility in the heat of competition or a quarrel.


Cricket taught with a vision, cause or purpose empowers the devotees to strive much harder and focused, thereby learning the physical play of the game as well as obtaining greater civility.


It is with this spirit of cause, that drives the devotee transcend the natural and/or reactive tendencies of life and become transformed into the supernatural level of experience on the ground in heated combat of differences.


The Hayes Philosophy consists of such applied metaphors as:

  • The Art of Cricket Zen: A Physical Meditation In Motion

  • The Power of the Umpire

  • The Batsman and the Wicket – The wicket being heart of his existence

  • The Bat as the Gat – the bat being an of automatic rapid fire assault weapon (of urban gansters)

  • Harness the Energy of the Oval – Playing with correct attitude-spirit

  • The Oval and The Boundaries - The purpose of laws and order

  • Good will in the heat of competition to win a match

  • The History of Cricket in the United States of America

  • The Purpose of Cricket: The Cause Oriented Sport

  • Learning and playing with a purpose

  • etc....


After certain preliminary preparations, a community will host Ted Hayes from 4 to 5 weeks in which he will construct a Good Will, Peace and Civility Cricket entity.


Ted will primarily bring his etiquette philosophy and experiences more than teaching and/or coaching to Cricket playing communities, because unlike Americans, the youths already know the mechanics of the sport.


Therefore, we will be creating and developing an sporting entity with the safe objectives of that which drives and inspires the Compton Cricket Club’s Homies & the POPz “America’s Cricket Team”


The Re-Birthing Cricket Initiative contact: 

Ted Hayes, Ted@TedHayes.US, 424-222-6010

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