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 Re-Birthing Cricket Etiquette Objective

A Proposal For Cricket Etiquette Development

Based On The Original Ole’ English Village Green Intents of the Game-Sport

More Than How To Play Cricket, Ted Hayes Teach Why To Play Cricket


The Intent, Purpose, Mission

It is the intent or mission of Project New Birth to birth and nourish a Cricket entity similar to that of the Compton Cricket Club’s Homies & the POPz, that is, a movement with Good Will, Peace and Civility as its objective according the original intent of Ole’ English Village Green Game-Sport.


Construct-Build Cricket Entities like CCC –H&Pz around the world beginning in England – Laying and Hatching “Golden Eggs” around the world

Unlike no other sporting entity in the present world or its past, the CCC-H&Pz is probably best known Cricket venture outside the professional and international teams of the Internation Cricket Council, and the like.


While traveling abroad on 4 various Good Will, Peace and Civility journeys to England, and now with the latest being Australia, given the huge amount of global media/press, essentially, the CCC-H&Pz has showed many parts of the world with “seeds” or “eggs” of their form of rejuvenated village Cricket as originally conceived and intended.


However, it is now time for someone to journey to those “eggs” and “seeds” to connect with, birth, nourish and cultivate them into mature entity also of Good Will, Peace and Civility.


While the various journey of the Compton Cricket Club and the Homies & the POPz “America’s Cricket Team” are a wonderful ventures that promotes and celebrates the physical and spiritual virtues of the Grand Ole’ English Bat and Ball Sport, it is now time that similar entities are created throughout the earth.


It is proposed that Ted Hayes visits various Cricket and non-Cricket playing nations that are to construct various communities what he, along with Ms. Katy Haber, his sons Thee and Isaac and the late Leo Magnus created in Compton, California.


More than developing the physical skills of the King and Chess of Sport, especially in Cricket playing nations such as England, India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada, et al, Ted will focus on it’s civilizing etiquette, the very element and energy that formed the Homies & the POPz.


The procedure is that Ted Hayes and perhaps an assistant or two will arrive in a community and remain for about four to six weeks whereby he along with certain local individuals, elements, entities, authorities to conceive, give birth to and nurture an entity similar to the CCC-H&Pz.


Utilization of the Ted Hayes Cricket Philosophy

Ted Hayes, American Homeless activist, co-founder and former player coach of the world-renown, Compton Homies & POPz, comes to England with at least two assistant to help birth and develop such an entity via his unique outlook on the original intents of the Grand Ole’ English bat and ball sport.


* Obviously, is not generally necessary that Ted teach English folks – youths how to play Cricket, but rather more importantly that he defines the sport and help participants to apply the civilizing qualities and principles of its etiquette as he did in Compton, California, USA.


Value and Credibility of Ted Hayes

As a long time, legendary American activist for the Homeless in Los Angles of the United States of America, Ted Hayes is already uniquely sensitive, experienced, knowledgeable and qualified-skilled to smartly address the needs and desires of human being dwelling at the bottoms of society.


The record of Ted Hayes speaks for itself as to what he is able to achieve provided that there is the proper support from all the necessary stakeholders and interests in a given community.


Ted’s expertise is forged from the following experiences, they are:

  • eight years that he willfully, as an American Ghandi-like figure lived with, advocated for and served Los Angeles and the United States as an aggressive activist for the homeless;

  • followed by 13 years of directing the celebrated world-renown Dome Village Transitional Housing facility for the Homeless in downtown Los Angeles;

  • his concomitant  successful 14 year venture of co-founding-creating, nurturing the Compton Homies & the POPz into the now famous “America’s Cricket Team”, global Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace and Civility even as declared by former US President, William Jefferson Clinton.


Naturally, given Ted’s spiritual understanding of human nature, he has devised a philosophy and polity of Cricket that is unique and needed for this time in world circumstances ranging from our youths to our elder citizens.


Ted has been able to grasp the very basic intent of the highly competitive, sociable bat and ball game devised in and on the village greens of merry ole’ England of the British Empire.


The manner and wit in which Ted Hayes introduces, explains and espouses the Grand Game is highly intriguing, refreshing, challenging, inspirational and delightfully enjoyable.


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