The Matters of Black Lives (B)
Matter Number II
(See Matter I)

The 2008 Congressional Apology Resolution HR # 194 (Simple)
Apologizing For Slavery and Jim Crowism 

While not legally binding, HR 194 could be viewed as either or both, Emancipation Proclamation Part II, or the Second Emancipation Proclamation (EPI), they therefore being, “book ends” of the matter of 245 years of “lawful” chattel slavery combined with the succeeding 99 years of Black Codes-Jim Crowism, and lynching.

The EPI sets in motion the end of chattel slavery, while EPII apologizes for the generation-destroying, peculiar institutional industry. 

After 147 years of black citizens demanding it, the “haughty, egocentric, proverbial supremacist, racist ‘white man” suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, especially to so called Civil Rights leaders, including the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), etc., by law-Resolution, actually acknowledged, apologized and asked forgiveness for “his” unprecedented crime against humanity of unjustly perpetrating upon unwilling, chattel enslaved Americans of African slavery decent and heritage.

Such is a giant leap of America’s We the People toward the emergence of that “bright day of justice” prophesied by the parophet, Martin Luther King, Jr., whereby he proclaimed…

“There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro (black lives) is granted his citizenship rights (experiential “as is enjoyed by white citizens” Sec 1 The Act).

“The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.” [“Dream”, August 28,1963]

Addendum to the HR #194 is 2005, US Senate Apology Resolution SR 39 For Lynching which actually apologizing for lynching by the 109th CONGRESS S. Res. 39 (109th)

This most crucial matter of black lives must first and foremost be addressed the authority of their/our federal, direct US Presidential, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces jurisdiction super citizenship.

As the sacred business of this matter is first resolved, all other related matters of black lives, including their/our super citizenship will follow in decent and proper order accordingly.