The Matter of Black Lives




The Series

Black Lives Do Not Matter, After All? - Part I

The System and Societal Sentiments Reveals It


It is now evident that the “Black Lives Matter” movements are media-driven, leaderless and misguided as demonstrated by their narrowly themed, misunderstood notion of police brutality by “Blue Lives” against black lives, while mysteriously ignoring “that cause” which is the original, root, foundation of it.


Far more than its decry of law enforcement, the cry of “Black Lives Matter” is an affirmative message revealing a layered, deeply rooted, original systematic and sentiment of anti-black lives racism in the United States since 1776, by certain white lives, that is, citizens of willing immigration heritage.


While 99% of black lives silently disagree with most of the ignorant antics of the BLM movements, they do believe that the street cry for justice is unfortunatly, a legitimate one and must be attended to by the federal government, primarily the Executive Branch, which clearly has not been forthcoming or the case.


The subtle, systematic, anti-black lives sentiments deeply interwoven in the foundational fabric of Ameican society, even hidden “in plain sight”, are revealed by certain, insensitive, offensive, therefore hurtful, glibly spoken statements considered as fact, they are:


1. The United States is "a nation of immigrants"

This sentiment is false and extremely offensive to black lives whose

       ancestors were brought to the Americas as unwilling slaves, and upon whose

  chattel enslaved backs, immigrant Americans built this “nation of immigrants” for   themselves but most importantly, it’s sore displeasure to GOD under Whom it exists, for which HE is seeking vengence.


         If the USA is “a nation of immigration”, that is, people of foreign nations willingly

        uprooting their original homes to arrive in America to become its citizens, then

        who and what are black lives, who were brought here against their wills to serve

        immigrants as chattel slaves?


If American of immigration are proud of their heritage and dearly embraces it, if black lives are not of such, they have no choice but to embrace that of chattel slavery and Jim Crow, lest they literally become a non entity in the nation built upon their ancestors backs, by immigrants.


         This statement and sentiment of anti-black racism, demonstrates that black lives do

         not matter after least in the minds of immigrant heritage Americans


2. The American "Melting Po"t

       Though since 1620, as slaves, black lives have been brought into America’s

        initially via the British colonies morphed into the United States, long before t he 

          majority (85%) of willing, primiarily, white immigrants from European nations,

          black live have not “melted” in the pot.

  •  As "white citizens" all willing immigrants have melted, and do melt in "the pot", or at least are experiencing the joy of US citizenship, whereas, black lives never have melted, nor are melting, and are not projected to melt in it.

3. Multiculturalism

    Multiculturalisms means, “everybody but blacks”


4. Rainbowism

     A LGBTQ usurpation of the Biblical post-Noahian Flood rainbow means,

        “all colors, but black”


5. All Lives Matter

       Given the 396 years historical state of black lives in America, “All Lives Matter”

       means, “All lives matter, but blacks”, as they yet are not experiencing “equal justice-

       protection under the law" citizenship "as is enjoyed by white citizens”, i.e., willing

       immigrants, according Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of the

      14th Amendment, Section 1.


6. Color blindness

     A denial that GOD Who created all human beings equal, yet granted each a distinct

      color and genetic pools. When someone says that they are "color blind", especially if 

      they are white citizens of immigration heritage, two matters arise,


 1. The only "color", that is, race matters is white...culture, sentiments, priority. Thouhg understoon, it isn't acceptable, nor tolerable.


2. Regardless of color, being that GOD created all human beings equal, "color blindness" denies HIM of HIS creation...which is perfectly offensive.


7. "African-American"

     A conjured name that allows anyone from Africa, regardless of color or   

     experience to claim the Civil Rights benefits designated to the chattel slaves and their

     descendant children


8. "Come Together"

      The coming together is not with black lives, but upon their chattel enslaved  

       ancestor’ backs united as one, i.e., E Pluribus Unum “Out of many one”


       The “many” are the Americans of all races, skin colors, etc., who willingly

      immigrated to the United States, but not the those who didn’t, as history reveals.


9. “One nation under GOD, indivisible with liberty and justice for all"

Of the 397 years of existence in the Americas of the British Colonies and USA, excluding the “talented tenth”, as a peoples, black lives have not experienced the liberty and justice for all that “white citizens”, i.e., willing immigrants enjoy, as ordered and intended by the 14th Amendment.


10. United as one, i.e., E Pluribus Unum “Out of many one”
The “many” are the Americans of all races, skin colors, etc., who willingly


11. Minority

       Willing immigrants of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, etc., claim minority status

       to the dominant white lives, thereby qualifying themselves to the benefits designates

       specifically to black lives, and thereby devour-eat up the latter's Constitutionally

       intended bounties.


12. "People of Color"

Based on skin color, unqualified persons of non-white skin color uses this sentiment and statement, "people of color" to interpose themselves into the constitutional protections specifically designated to black lives, i.e., chattel slave descendants.


The "peoples of color" hide behind black lives, and utilizes them as the element that unites and justifies all other non-white lives into Civil Rights laws, thereby nullifying the them as intended.


Actually, the constitutional peoples of color are specifically the American, US citizens identified in the 1866 Civil Rights whom are chattel slave descendants of various shades of black skin by the biologically forced, white master with black slave women, mix, hence, the coloreds or colored people. See Sections 1, 2, 4


The US Civil War to end chattel slavery was not waged based on skin color, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, nor minority status, but rather on the unique experience of a peoples brought into this land of immigrants against their wills.


13. We the People

       History demonstrated that the We the People meant, but not “those people”

It is these layered, subtle, insensitive sentiments deeply embedded within the systems of American society that most US citizens, black and white are not aware of, therefore they/we continue to the cycle of insane racist antics.

No wonder ignorant, young black lives and their allies cry, “Black Lives Matter”, because while they can't articulate their pain and concern, it nonetheless remains true.


It is my intent to bring this matter to light, thereby provide just, rectifying resolutions to them and courageously determined, visionary, constituted leadership.