The Matter of Black Lives


The Republicans Are White Lives

Making Black Lives Matter [long version]


The original 1854-56 Republican Party is first and foremost about black lives


Originally and always forever as long as this Union of the United States republic “shall not perish from the earth”, the only message of the Republican Party founded in 1854-56, at a small one room school house in Ripon, Wisconsin, is that which concerns itself with the matter of black lives.


The Republican Party Was/Is Created Specifically For Black Lives

In 2854-56, the Radical Republicans started a messaging that specifically addressed the matter of black lives being held in generations-destroying, chattel slavery.


The Radical Republican Party Is Blacker than that of the Black Panthers

The Radical Republican Party is the foundation of the original 1960’s Black Panther Party.  In fact, its philosophy was far more radical, realistic, and better armed for the liberation cause of black lives.


Though the Panthers philosophical rhetoric was awash in Eastern European white lives doctrine of communism and socialism, it nonetheless functioned on what is contained about black lives in the US Declaration of Independence, Constitution, particularly the 2nd, 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, as well as the Republican, presidential platforms from 1856-1876.


Note: The 13th ended chattel slavery; the 14th granted the freed slaves, et al, US citizenship; the 15th voting power to the new citizens


While utilizing the 2nd Amendment for self defense, the Panthers had limited access to military weaponry and ammunitions, the Rad-Repubs have access to the whole US military by Constitutional decree. 


Note: military access by the 14th Amendment’s 1866 Civil Rights Act, Sections 5 and 9.


Sec. 5, shall have authority to summon and call to their aid the bystanders or posse comitatus of the proper county, or such portion of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia, as may be necessary to the performance of the duty with which they are charged, and to insure a faithful observance of the clause of the Constitution which prohibits slavery, in conformity with the provisions of this Act;   


Sec. 9, “…to employ such part of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia, as shall be necessary to prevent the violation and enforce the due execution of this act.”


These White Lives Made Black Lives Matter

The original, 1854-56, Republican Party was a conglomeration of white lives who were anti-slavery emancipationist- abolitionist-activists, Anabaptist, i.e., Quakers and Mennonites, members of the Whigs and Free Soilers political parties, which began its crusades to perfect and save the Union by resisting the expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories such a Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.


This initial action of the Republican white lives to end the July 4, 1776 British inherited, chattel slavery institution as noted in the 1856 and 1860 Presidential Platform, followed by reluctant, but GOD-fearing, POTUS Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, and finally completed the liberation of the slaves from enslavement by the Democratic Party by winning the Civil War on April 11, 1865.


Liberating the chattel slaves was the first phase of applying the belated, Declaration of Independence, GOD-given, inalienable rights to black lives, and the enactment of the Triad Amendments of the 13th, 14th, and the 15th of the US Constitution is the second phase, which is yet to be completed, as evidenced by the state of black lives in America.


All the aforementioned peoples, organizations and movements were founded and supported (funded, etc), by white lives-white people-“white citizens”, Caucasians of European decent, primarily from northern states of the Union.


Also, The circa 740,000, young, innocent, boys and men killed in the US Civil War to end chattel slavery, including the assassinated POTUS Abraham Lincoln, “the great liberator” by a white Democrat, along with the millions physically and mentally wounded for life, as well as their families, were/are white lives.


Note: Plus 38,000, young, innocent, black boys and men also perished and was wounded with them


Therefore and ironically, the peoples, movement and political entities who have been concerned the most, even more than black lives themselves, are white lives.