The Matter of Black Lives


Greetings and Shalom!

The matter concerning the violence between primarily white police officers and unarmed, but sometimes armed, particularly, young black men in which the later generally becomes dead, or injured and jailed, opens the fundamental, foundational cause for the cry of "Black Lives Matter".  #Blacklivesmatter


As a 65 year mature, Civil Rights and homeless activist, who witnessed the 1960ís upheaval, I have been prepared by GOD to inform you of your authority and power in the United States which will win the blessings intended for you.


Learn of the little known Contitutional law that specifically and specially empowers black lives greater than any other ethn-racial group in the USA.


Learn and implement it, before the other "cop it", that is, steal it.


If you are willing to listen, you will become in these matters secured for us by certain of our ancestors.  We owe it to them.


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The 14th Amend

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