The Immigrants: American Creed or Greed Part II


The SS United States of America

The Doomed Ship of Society

There Is A Hole In The Bottom of The Ship


Today, We the people of the United States, have suddenly found ourselves in the era prophesied by Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, as the “rude awakening”, whereby this Judaic-Christian, New Nation could be destroyed, ending the great American Experiment.


The young social prophet warned that if Americans refused to honorably transact the Promissory Note, opting to return to their “business as usual” individualistic, personal Dreams we will a “Rude Awakening”.


“Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual.” MLK “I Have A Dream” Speech.


The Maiden-Swan Voyage of SS America, Metaphor of A Truth To America’s Societal Struggles Over Money!

The world is watching in suspense as American political factions fight with each other for control of the nation’s economy.  It is the Haves vs the Have-Mores.


Today’s America is as a metaphor of a luxurious, but dying ocean liner battered in a nation-destroying, ideological sea storm of division not seen since the US Civil War.


Passenger ocean liners have decks for First, Second, Third classes with respective accompanying amenities (rich, wealthy and workers) as well as the steerage section located at the bottom of the ship where the poor are relegated-stored along with luggage, cargo and other sorted equipment near the steering mechanism.


Typically, the upper classes vociferously clash with each other demanding of the immediate and special attention from the captain and his crew (the President and Government bureaucracy) for relief from their constant discomforts, yet none dare care about the direly awful and dangerous conditions developing in the steerage with the poor at the bottom of ship.


Suddenly, due to cargo over-weight and basic engineering flaws, the titanic ship springs a gashing hole in its bottom and icy waters is gushing in soaking the poor passengers in the steerage, destroying the luggage, and cargo, etc.


The pressing concerns of the upper classes, regardless how legitimate, are irrelevant in light of the fact that there is huge gapping whole in steerage at the bottom of the ship where the poor are confined and stuck with no escape.


While the upper classes are squabbling over their discomforts, the poor folks at the bottom of the ship are poised to soon perish, first.


“First”, because though the poor will indeed die as such, surely the Third, Second, and even the First classes will eventually die with them when the hulking vessel sinks under the cold freezing ocean waters.


Though the upper classes have no sympathetic sentimentality for the horrid affairs of the poor steerage passengers, they do recognize their dooming predicament.


The upper classes cease their competitive sniveling over discomfort and in a united in cooperation with the captain and his crew to descend into steerage to work together with the poor folks to fix the hole in the bottom of the ship.


After jointly repairing the hole in the bottom of the ship, the upper classes finally receive the opportunity to view the squalid conditions of the poor folks and children in steerage, which touches their hearts (intellect) and soul (emotions).


While the poor can’t be brought to the upper class decks, the classes and crew can at least provide justice and improve their dwelling conditions making them as humanely comfortable as possible.


Concomitantly, the steerage folks also have a change of heart from being bitter at the upper classes for being “up there” to respecting their hard work that provided them a ticket for better places and amenities on the ship, and indeed no longer resentful, but seek emulate their successes.


Hence, all passengers are saved with the ship and heart felt healing and understanding between them is achieved.


Such responsible, prioritized action by the upper classes with the captain and crew to repair the dire affairs at bottom of the ship, everyone will be saved to live another day of hope to achieve the American Dream.


This is the classic example of how we must repair American and world societies, no longer from the upper classes down, but rather from the bottom upward.


Fix It From The Bottom US

By aggressively fixing its’ ills from the bottom up and not rely on some sort of failed “trickle down” procedure from the upper classes to the poor and homeless, America can save itself and subsequently teach other nations as well.


There have been many down and up economic conditions throughout the history of the United States, however, each time it recovered, the classless portion of society, the 0% at the bottom were left behind to confront the nations’ hole on its own, resulting in failure and continued unnecessary sufferings.





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